Quentin Barthelemy Software Engineer, France

October 2020


LinkedIn Account : https://www.linkedin.com/company/11514855/admin/

WebSite : https://agilium.com/



Agilium il a French company, founded in 2002 in Annecy with strong expertise in Business Process Management (BPM).

Editor and integrator of our solutions, we support our clients in their digitalization project.

Orchestration and automation of flows using the process approach requires often additional tools.

Agilium offer was building around a modelling studio to draw process, a process execution engine to execute process but also a DMS (document management system) to manage files and a supervision/monitoring platform to control execution.


To complete its offer, Agilium sought a Gantt and Scheduler to represent the activities to be carried out in graphical form.

The expected functionality was mainly:

  • High level of customization
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Performance
  • High response time
  • Possibility to integrate it in our application easily


    The result

    We tested the scheduler in a customer project 2 years ago. Our client wanted a visual representation of their production planning using their colour code as well as a calculation of the daily charge by production category.


    Bryntum’s Components were exactly what we were looking for. We integrated Schedulers in our new application based on Ext JS. We could install it, integrate it, extend it and enhance the user experience rapidly and even use it in our old web application to give it a new look. The users were immediately seduced by the result.

    The support we got while extending the default components was accurate and very useful